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field name value description
Direct connect ip:port | host:port; Default: none Maintains a constant connection to the specified host. Leave empty if you are planning to use an ATD command to initiate the connection
TCP port integer [0..65535]; Default: none Internal TCP port number used to listen for incoming connections. Leave it empty to disable incoming connections
Initiation string* string; Default: none A command string that will be sent to the modem to initiate the connection in some particular way (optional)
No extra CR LF in response yes | no; Default: no Removes extra CR LF before response code; removes LF after response code

* This is the AT command set used in Modem mode of the serial interfaces:

command description usage
A Answers an incoming call To answer incoming connection: ATA
D Dials a number To initiate data connection: ATD <HOST>:<PORT>
To enter data mode with Direct connect settings: ATD
E Local echo Turn local echo ON: ATE1
Turn local echo OFF: ATE0
H Hang up current call To end data connection: ATH
O Return to data mode To return to data mode from command mode: ATO
Z Reset to default configuration To reset the modem to default configuration: ATZ