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field name value description
IP address ip; Default: IP address of the NTRIP server
Port integer; Default: none TCP/UDP port used for communication with NTRIP server
Mount point path to a file; Default: none NTRIP mount point
Data format NTRIP v2.0 TCP/IP | NTRIP v2.0 RSTP/RTP | NTRIP v1.0 | Automatic detection | NTRIP v2.0 UDP; Default: NTRIP v1.0 NTRIP version
User name string; Default: none User name used for NTRIP authentication
Password string; Default: none Password used for NTRIP authentication
Default NMEA string string; Default: none Optional NMEA string that will be used as the default value when initiating the connection to the NTRIP server (this value is only sent to the server if there is no NMEA from router's GPS device)