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field name value description
Protocol TCP; Default: TCP Protocol used in the communication process
Mode Server | Client | Bidirect; Default: Server Device's role in the connection:
  • Server - the device waits for incoming connections
  • Client - the device initiates the connection
  • Bidirect - acts as client by default but waits for incoming connections at the same time
No leading zeros yes | no; Default: no When checked, indicates that the first hex zeros should be skipped
Client settings: Server address ip | host; Default: none IP address or hostname of the server that the client will connect to
Client settings: TCP port integer [0..65535]; Default: none Server's port number
Client settings: Reconnect interval (s) integer; Default: none Time period (in seconds) between reconnection attempts in case a connection fails
Server settings: TCP port integer [0..65535]; Default: none Internal TCP port number used to listen for incoming connections
Server settings: Timeout (s) integer; Default: none Disconnects clients after they remain inactive for an amount time (in seconds) specified in this field
Output OC Output | Relay Output; Default: OC Output Output to indicate that the application switched from client (default) to server state (this field becomes visible only in Bidirect mode)
Output state 1 | 0; Default: 0 Output state value during which the application reverts to server mode (this field becomes visible only in Bidirect mode)