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Important life skills to teach your children

First of all I wish to share my personal experience about my career. Actually I am working as an educator. After my training, I found a job in one of the reputed colleges. I started working in this industry because one of my aunts worked in this industry. In her point of view, this is a very good field for youngsters to do interesting and satisfying work. Sharing what we know to others is one of the satisfying and godly things we can do to our society. This is why I chose to apply for this.

Now let’s come to the topic. As we all know, 20-30 years ago, Education was based only on teachers, libraries and books. People used to sit for hours in the library looking for the books related to their assignment works or research paper. But nowadays, everything and everyone is connected through Internet. Now we can complete the same work within a minute by surfing through the websites.

One of the great writers, ‘Ernest Agyemang Yeboah’ said - “What shapes the best in us dies when the best education dies! The best in us shall always be undermined when those that are responsible for shaping the best in us are always undermined!”

Whatever may be the skills, surely those skills will help the child later in it’s life to achieve something great.

Here we list some of the important skills which every child needs to incorporate.

  • Build concentration and self-discipline
  • Communication
  • Think critically
  • Self motivation

Now let us discuss one by one in detail.

Build concentration and self-discipline

Keeping yourself focused on one thing is really important, especially for students. Children grow according to some common schedules, habits, and routines only when their parents teach them. This will also help them learn control and focus on one particular thing. Be open with your child, Talk to them and try to understand them and keep an eye on their day to day activities. Well organize your home, so that your kids know how and where to store their shoes, coats and personal items. Please avoid your children sticking to mobile phones or televisions. Try to mingle with them, and with their activities like reading a book, writing, solving puzzles, or some craft works etc. This will help children to improve their focus slowly.

Communication It is important to develop interaction and communication between the children in everyday life and exchange ideas to develop their healthy, social and emotional skills. They should understand what to communicate and share with others. Sometimes they will need their parent’s help regarding how to share it most effectively. These skills can be developed only through speaking with your children and listening and responding to them without getting angry or distracted.

There are many ways by which parents can help their children improve their critical thinking skills. Following are some of those ways which will boost the critical thinking skill of your child.

  • Include reading habits
  • Encourage questions
  • Problems solving
  • Give responsibilities
  • Outdoor playing

Include reading habits As we all know, reading is the best way to connect with yourself and with the world out there. As they improve their reading habit, they will be aware of words, particular situations, emotions or stories.

Encourage questions Parents should be happy, if their children have the nature of asking questions in every situation. In that case, parents should listen carefully to their children’s words, and respond to them, and help to solve their questions or confusions.

Problem solving Inspire your children to be involved in puzzle solving. By observing your child’s interest and abilities to solve his problems, motivate the child to solve problems on their own. This is really an important thing in developing critical thinking in a child. Help to build confidence in them, and make them realize that they are able to solve any problems by themselves.

Give responsibilities Children need to learn to come out of their own comfort zone and face challenges. Those challenges and responsibilities make them think about how to be strong and how to solve any problems by themselves.

Outdoor playing Let your child play outdoor games more. Playing outdoors allows children to enjoy the natural environment and fresh air. It will improve their physical fitness.

Self motivation When interacting with your children, observe what their interest is, and inspire them to improve with those interests. Let them face new things, lead and learn things by themselves.

All the above explained things are the stepping stones for your children to improve their skills, which will help them in the future.