Vpngate.net VPN configuration

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Summary[edit | edit source]

This chapter is a guide on configuring vpngate.com provider VPN instance on RUT routers.

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Step 1: Download the OpenVPN Configuration File[edit | edit source]

Select VPN server[edit | edit source]

Open your internet browser and type www.vpngate.net in the browser's URL bar. Choose country and press OpenVPN


Select protocol UDP/TCP[edit | edit source]

Download the configuration file. In our example we use the TCP protocol.


Step 2: Certificates[edit | edit source]

Certificate creation[edit | edit source]

Create three files in your chosen directory for certificates and key:

  • ca.crt - Certificate authority
  • client.crt - Client certificate
  • client.key - Client Key


Create certificates[edit | edit source]

Open the downloaded VPN configuration file and copy/paste the certificates and key to your empty files.


Save changes.

Step 3: Router configuration[edit | edit source]

Now we need to open our RUT homepage. You can access the website by entering in your internet browser's URL bar.

Open VPN configuration panel by clicking Services → VPN


VPN instance creation[edit | edit source]

Type in your VPN configuration name and click Add new


Click the Edit button to edit your VPN instance configuration


Configuration settings[edit | edit source]

Check the Enable box

Select protocol (UDP or TCP. Depends on which configuration file you downloaded in Step 1 )

Set port, encryption, remote host/IP address and HMAC authentication algorithm from the VPN configuration file you downloaded. (example below)

Upload your certificates:

  • Certificate authority = ca.crt
  • Client certificate = client.crt
  • Client key = client.key


Click Save.

Firewall configuration for this provider is unnecessary.

Step 4: Try your VPN[edit | edit source]

Wait up to 5 minutes from the time you saved the changes.

Press Status → Network.


Press OpenVPN and check VPN status.


Open your internet browser and visit website http://whatismyipaddress.com to check location that should have changed.

Location after VPN[edit | edit source]


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