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Ingran Engineering, a private utility with a global footprint, was searching for a cost effective yet reliable and compact router for their Neurtura devices. They chose to implement RUT230 as their remote management solution.

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The RUT230 router performs remote Firmware updates for Ingran Engineering's Neurtura devices.

Customer profile

Telemetry and remote control of water pumping in search of savings and optimization of the installation


The customer needed a solution for monitoring a water pump for irrigation. The solution they came up with had to be efficient, good looking and inexpensive. "Good, Pretty and Cheap", as the customer put it. Apart from this, it also needed to meet these criteria:

  • Measurement of electrical parameters of a pump: Power, Voltage, Power Factor, etc.
  • Measures of aquifer parameters: Electrical conductivity (salinity), Water level under ground, etc.
  • Measurement of parameters of extracted water: Flow, Pressure, etc.
  • Data records every 10 seconds, which have to be displayed via Web and Mobile

And these restrictions:

  • Needed to use GSM / GPRS / 3G for communication
  • Devices needed to have CE marking
  • It had to be compatible with what had already been assembled: various types of flow meters, aquifer level meters, etc.


The customer came up with the Neurtura - a custom monitoring device that would suit their needs. The Neurtura is comprised of a magnetothermic, an electric power analyzer, the Industruino D21G IND I/O with its Ethernet module next to it, a 24 Volt power supply and a Teltonika RUT230 router used for remote Firmware updates.

Since RUT230 is a CE certified, cost effective 3G router that delivers high performance for mission-critical cellular communication, it was the perfect fit given the circumstances.


Neurtura with RUT230 inside


RUT230 routers provide a possibility to access Neurtura devices remotely and upgrade their Firmware.

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