Wi-Fi access in public transportation

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Whether it be business or pleasure, the need to stay connected is only increasing. At some point in the future, getting free Wi-Fi access on the go will probably become easier than getting a cup of coffee or finding a good book to read. Teltonika is working on speeding up the process of bringing that future to a reality.

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Malta Public Transport and Transport Malta have launched a pilot project that equipped fifty public buses with free Wi-Fi access. The system was designed and installed by HandsOn Systems.


Creating a reliable, high speed mobile Wi-Fi zone capable of supporting multiple users at any point in time.


Teltonika routers were installed in some of Malta's public buses effectively making them free mobile Wi-Fi zones for everyone.



Using RUT240 routers is an easy and economic way to achieve a mobile Wireless connection since they are capable of high performance LTE and managing dozens of Wi-Fi clients at any moment.

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