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Whether it be business or pleasure, the need to stay connected is only increasing. At some point in the future, getting free WiFi access on the go will probably become easier than getting a cup of coffee or finding a good book to read. Teltonika is working on speeding up the process of bringing that future to a reality.

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Karsan is starting to sell their buses to be used in Italy's public transport system. The buses are also free mobile WiFi access zones produced by RUT955 routers.

Customer profile

Since 1966, Karsan, which has been operating in the Turkish automotive industry for over half a century, has been producing commercial vehicles in its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Bursa, Turkey and providing marketing, sales and after-sales services through its widespread network.


Creating a reliable, high speed mobile WiFi zone capable of supporting multiple users at any location and any point in time.


Teltonika routers were installed in all of the buses sold to be used Italy's public transport system effectively making them free mobile WiFi zones for the passengers.


Karsan buses


RUT955 routers are more than capable of handling dozens of WiFi clients at once and providing an Internet connection at any location the bus may go to. Also, one would assume that configuring routers that are constantly on the move would be a hassle, but RUT955 routers basically eliminate this issue since they can be configured entirely remotely. Better yet, multiple routers can be configured all at once using Teltonika's Remote Management System (RMS).

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