Wi-Fi access with RUT240 in construction sites

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Businesses and other service providers are getting increasingly more reliant on Internet connectivity. Construction sites are no exception as a reliable source of internet helps to efficiently manage their projects.

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Most companies are moving towards the scene of IoT devices in order to increase their efficiency and eliminate the need for paper documents entirely.


Wi-Fi units and Cellular dongles can be an adequate solution for many problems, but most companies want the best when it comes to communication devices, because obtaining the best possible signal and maintaining a secure connection when working with enterprise resources is crucial to the success of the company. The only viable option is a centrally managed enterprise grade cellular router such as Teltonika router.

Communication Is Key


Teltonika routers can be mounted in construction site trailers and the whole trailer becomes a Wi-Fi zone for everyone.


Container Site Office wifi.jpg
Container office wifi.jpg


This solution is an easy, economic way for construction crews and others working at remote sites to share a wireless connection.

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