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GoTEK7 introduces a WiFi Solar Case designed to run businesses in case of Internet downtime, on remote job sites, for camping purposes and even to deploy a drone kit.

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A customer uses RUT240 routers in their solar powered WiFi solution. The router is installed into a solar powered case and provides a 4G WiFi hotspot and an Ethernet connection. The case itself can also charge multiple other devices (anything that requires up to 350 W) from various types of different sockets (110 V to 230 V European connector, USB, cigarette connector, etc.)

The case is powered by a 12 V 50 Ah battery that can be charged with 5 solar panels, which provide unlimited power if deployed in daylight. It can also be charged via a 230 V connector or a special 12 V connector.

Customer profile

GoTEK7 is a provider of GPS trackers that are designed specifically for live tracking in real time around the globe, from your computer, tablet or smart phone.


Providing the case with a 4G Internet connection and WiFi and Ethernet connections for local clients.


Implementing a RUT240 router into the case in order to supply it with a Cat4 LTE connection and a WiFi hotspot.


RUT240 is small, stable and robust, making it perfect for solutions such as this. From easy installation to mission-critical cellular capabilities - the router can be deployed almost anywhere. It's external LTE and WiFi antennas ensure the best possible cellular signal in any remote location and great WiFi coverage for locally connected devices. If the need arises, it also provides the possibility to manage the case from any location in the world via its multiple remote control options.


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