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The project is a water irrigation system. It is approximately 112 km long. RUT950 is installed at the remote site to get Internet connectivity in order for them to use their Intranet system from HQ.

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RUT950 have been placed at remote site by SOMA Construction and Development (one of the top five main constructions in Cambodia).

Customer profile

IOT Cambodia is providing wireless automation for homes, offices, and other commercial buildings. In addition they are pushing the innovation boundaries in Cambodia by providing Teltonika RUT series products.


SOMA Construction site was using a regular home router for construction site Internet provision. In this case there is a huge possibility of security breach as well as a short-range of wireless connectivity, plus low Internet bandwidth. The construction site is far from any wired Internet sources. Thus, the only possibility is cellular Internet connectivity.


By studying the requirement for SOMA construction site, Teltonika was able to provide high-speed, stable, reliable and most importantly secure Internet connectivity. The result - more than 30 Mbps quicker Internet connection, higher wireless signal range and a happy customer.


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