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Companies can be found on left sidebar under Administration section. All settings related to company monitoring are here.


Rmsusers8.png On this screen, you'll be able to:

  1. Add a new company, move company or various actions with the company's credits.
  2. Remove selected companies.
  3. Search through existing companies by name, parent company.
  4. Various actions on a selected company, such as: View company details, View all company devices, View all company users, Show all company files, Show all children companies, and rename it.
  5. View companies tree, change table settings, refresh data.
  6. Allow to use parent company's credits.

Add new company

The Add new company function is used to create new companies for your RMS profile. You can create a subsidiary company that will belong to your current company.

Rms manual add new company v1.png


  1. Click on blue + ADD button right of the title Companies.
  2. You will get a Add new company pop-up window.
  3. Enter your company name and select the parent company. Which parent company the newly created company will belong to.
  4. And finally click on the Create button.

At the top of your screen, you will get a notification: Company created.


  • Keep in mind, if you are a 3rd level company (your parent company has a parent company of its own), you cannot create a subsidiary company of your own.

Remove company

To remove company go to the RMS web page, Left sidebar panel, (AdministrationCompanies).

Select companies, you'd like to remove and a Remove company button will appear left of the search bar.

Rms manual remove company v1.png


  1. Select a company you would like to remove.
  2. Move your mouse pointer to the Remove company button and click it.
    Removing a company
  3. You will get a confirmation pop-up window. Click the Confirm button to continue.

Rms manual remove company complete v1.png


  • If there any assigned devices to the company you want to remove, RMS won't let you remove the company.
  • You can remove multiple companies at the same time.



By clicking on a arrow on a + ADD button. You will get a drop-down menu. Here you'll get to do various actions such as converting credits to company data, creating resource codes to activate, or moving resources between your companies.

Add data

To add more data to your company, click on arrow on a + ADD button. You will get a drop-down menu. Rmsusers14.png

1 RMS Credit provides 2GB of data.

  1. Move your mouse pointer to the drop-down menu and select Add data (+ ADD → Add data).
  2. In the new dialog window select the company to which the data will be added.
  3. Enter the amount of credits you want to use and click the Add button.
  4. You will get a confirmation dialog. Click the confirm button.

Rms manual rms connect data confirm v1.png

Data will be added and you will get confirmation message on the top of your screen: Data added successfully.

Create code

To create a credit code, click on arrow on a + ADD button. You will get a drop-down menu.

  1. Move your cursor to the drop-down menu. And click on Create code.
  2. Enter the number of credits you want to add to this credit code.
  3. Finally click on the Create button.


At the top of your screen, you will get a notification: Code created successfully.

These codes will appear in the company details you've selected when creating code under Codes section.

Example of the credit code: 7crwfx4n9pkmkqu12hlao58r041dbe6i

Move resources

To move credit(s) or packs click on arrow on a + ADD button. You will get a drop-down menu. Here you can move any number of available credits and packs from one company to another.

  1. Select move from company
  2. And select move to company.
  3. Enter the number of credits or packs to move and click on the Move button.


Activate resource code

Activatecode4.png Activatecode5.png

  1. In the Companies Page click on the arrow near + ADD button and a menu will appear.
  2. Select Activate
  3. Paste the code you've got and click Activate
  4. If the code is valid, you will receive status message "Activate operation completed successfully" and resources will be available on the company the user belongs to (can be seen in the account menu under email).

Company details


By clicking View company details in the action column, you'll be redirected to a new page where you'll see all its information regarding details, monitoring, credits, etc.