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When thousands if not millions of dollars are poured into construction projects it makes zero sense to not try and protect that kind of investment. Be it vandalism, material pilfering, equipment misuse or such a mundane task as keeping all the staff on work sites in check takes a lot of effort and resources. That's why a construction monitoring helps one to be on top of things 24/7 and deal with those serious issues.

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Burgess Technologies provide a 5 Mega-Pixel, 4G Ethernet Time Lapse Camera with Remote Management, Image Archive and Monitoring with help of a RUT240 router.

Customer profile

Burgess Technologies supply the trade of 3G & 4G Ethernet Time Lapse Camera Systems for Construction Sites. Outdoor, Long Term & IP based. Low on-line Price & Sample Images.


The customer had in mind camera systems that not only provide high resolution, IR corrected, Automatic day/night imaging and more but ones that can also be managed remotely. Or as the customer puts it: "An out of the box solution that requires no on-site electrician or specialist technician".


RUT240 is a compact, cost-effective and powerful industrial LTE router that delivers high performance for mission-critical cellular communication so it makes perfect sense that it was chosen as the solution!


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The system is designed to provide the benefit of maintenance and management from remote locations. As one would imagine, monitoring a construction site is a real-time process and down-time is not always a luxury that one can afford, so speed and accessibility are some of the main attributes of a reliable and efficient system.

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