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Audio to accompany IP video camera installations is often overlooked, yet live audio call out messages are extremely effective in regards to safe guarding your site.

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Burgess technologies developed an IP Loud Speaker Kit to Buddy IP Video Cameras. It is Cloud VoIP Configured with the help of RUT240 routers. It's delivered with its own unique phone number which is used for remote security audio messages. It can make live announcements, trigger up to x 9 stored audio files, connect additional security hardware devices to the AMP’s integrated relay board.

Customer profile

Burgess technologies supply the trade of 3G & 4G Ethernet Time Lapse Camera Systems for Construction Sites. Outdoor, Long Term & IP based. Low on-line Price & Sample Images.


The customer was looking for a solution for their product that could provide audio to accompany IP video camera installations, deliver remote audio messages live and didn't need a telephone line to complete this task.


RUT240 routers' mission-critical cellular communication and VoIP features were a great fit for the client's product. When you pair that with a cost-effective price and a compact design, it's no surprise that RUT240 was chosen as the answer to their challenge.


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The RUT240 router guarantees quality in communication and it's sleek and slim design makes it perfect for integration into other systems. Better yet, it's remote management capabilities provide complete control of the router from any remote location and the two LTE antennas that it comes with ensure the best signal anywhere that the router is placed.

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