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Penetration Testing is one of the most cost effective tools to detect, analyze and make informed decisions about how to fix vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in business applications, IT, mobile and Wi-Fi infrastructures. NTT Security use a variety of Penetration Testing approaches and techniques so that manufacturers can see their business as an attacker would, avoiding costly breaches and achieving compliance by discovering and evaluating risk.


Teltonika’s RutOS firmware "RUT**_R_00.07.02.6" was tested by NTT Security and after a thorough review, it was deemed that our firmware is not susceptible to any immediate outside threats.

We are proud to have achieved this rating and will continue to improve the security of our products.

The aforementioned security changes are available from firmware version RUT**_R_00.07.02.6.

" ** "stands for the specific model, the difference in models is only seen from a hardware and functionality standpoint.

You can find the newest firmware version for each device here


Declaration of Software Security, page 1
Declaration of Software Security, page 2

You can the find PDF version of the declaration here.

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