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The information in this page is updated in accordance with firmware version .


This article provides a guide on how to configure SMS and Email alerts using I/O Juggler on Teltonika Networks Routers and Gateways when the main power supply is being cut and the device switches onto the Backup Power from - BAT120.

  • First you want to make sure that you have ADVANCED mode enabled. This will allow you to choose from a larger variety of settings.

Networking rutx manual webui basic advanced mode.gif


For this particular configuration you will need:

  • One of Teltonika Networks Routers or Gateways (RUT955 is being used in the example)
  • BAT120
  • 2 SIM card, that allows sending SMS messages(One used by RUT955 and one by the client at the receiving end)
  • 2 Email accounts (Two accounts are being used in this example: one Google Mail and one Teltonika)


  • Connect Power Supply to BAT120 IN PWR
  • Connect BAT120 OUT PWR to RUT955 Power Socket

Use Case Topology

Power Supply BAT120 Use Case v1.png

1.Power is being cut from the main Power Supply for BAT120
2.Once BAT120 recognizes that IN PWR is no longer receiving any Input from Main Power supply, it sends a 12 VDC alarm via its OUT PWR
3. RUT955 receives an Alarm Signal from BAT120 via its INPUT PIN 3, which changes the pin state from Low to High
4. An E-mail and SMS alerts are being sent to the end user


Adding e-mail user

1. Navigate to System -> Administration -> Recipients -> E-mail Users (1) type in the Name (2) and add (3) a New Instance 1056 × 416px

2. An advanced configuration window will open, in there, type in the details for your E-mail account. In this example, Gmail account is being used, therefore the following configuration is required:

1013 × 440px

  1. Secure Connection: on
  2. SMTP Server:
  3. SMTP Server Port: 587
  4. Credentials: on
  5. Username: e-mail username
  6. Password: e-mail account password
  7. Senders email: Usually it is the Username
  8. Save & Apply configuration

Note: It also might be required to allow "less secure apps" to access your email account, which is being used to send the letter. This can be changed via your email settings.

I/O Juggler actions Configuration

1. Open your Routers (RUT955) WebUI
2. Navigate to: Services -> Input/Output -> I/O Juggler -> Actions (1) -> Add two New Instances (2): one with type SMS and another one with type Email (3). A configuration window will open, you need to select accordingly.
2.1 Adding SMS Action:1058 × 424px
2.2 Configuring SMS Action:

1010 × 618px

  1. Type: SMS
  2. Text Message: Your Preferred SMS text
  3. Recipients: Number of recipients
  4. Recipient's phone number: Phone number of the recipient with the country code, for example, +370...
  5. Click Save & Apply.

Note: You could send the SMS alerts to more than one phone number as well, this is called Phone Groups. To create one, the process is very similar to creating an Email Recipient described above, you would need to navigate to System -> Administration -> Recipients -> Phone Groups. Once created, your created Phone groups will be available for selection within our I/O Juggler.

2.3 Adding Email Action:
1060 × 429px
2.4 Configuring Email Action:
998 × 650px

  1. Type: Email
  2. Subject: Your preferred subject
  3. Text message: Your preferred text message
  4. Email account: Recipient (Created earlier)
  5. Recipient’s email address: Recipient’s e-mail address
  6. Save & Apply configuration

2.5 Once finished, your configuration should look like this: 1051 × 465px

I/O Juggler General Configuration

1. Navigate to: Services -> Input/Output -> General (1) -> Add new Instance (2) -> Select Role Input (3) and click on Add (4)
1065 x 530 px
2. Another configuration window will open, you would need to select:
1014 × 311 px

  1. Enabled: on
  2. Trigger: Rising
  3. Add actions: BAT_SMS and BAT_Email that you have configured previously.
  4. Click Save & Apply.


Once Configured according to this example, in the case of RUT955 (or any other Teltonika Networks Router/Gateway) losing connection to its main Power Source BAT120 will take over and will forward an up to 12V Alarm Signal to INPUT PIN 3.
This Alarm Signal will work as a trigger for I/O Juggler and you should receive alarms similar to the ones bellow.
SMS Alert:
SMS Alert New.png
Email Alert:
Email Alert.png

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