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At TELTONIKA NETWORKS UAB, our products often integrate software code developed by third parties, governed by a range of open source licenses. This encompasses a variety of recognized licenses, including but not limited to the GNU General Public License (GPL), the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL), the Apache License, and the MIT License, among others tailored to specific software requirements.

In alignment with our commitment to open source compliance, TELTONIKA NETWORKS UAB offers direct download links for the source code of software contained in our products, in accordance with the licenses that necessitate such distribution.

Please note, the distributed software is provided WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, as outlined in the respective licenses.

For a comprehensive overview of all open source licenses utilized in our products, click here. This detailed guide includes specific license terms and copyright texts, ensuring full transparency and accessibility.

To download the source code or to review specific license terms, select your TELTONIKA NETWORKS UAB product model and version from the list provided below.

For any inquiries or further clarification regarding our use of open source licenses, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

You can find SDK for the routers in the next section of this page. SDK archive is NOT a firmware.

To get firmware for your router, visit one of the following pages:

Networking rutxxx icon v1.png
Industrial Routers
RUT140 Firmware Downloads
RUT142 Firmware Downloads
RUT200 Firmware Downloads
RUT230 Firmware Downloads
RUT240 Firmware Downloads
RUT241 Firmware Downloads
RUT260 Firmware Downloads
RUT300 Firmware Downloads
RUT301 Firmware Downloads
RUT360 Firmware Downloads
RUT361 Firmware Downloads
RUT850 Firmware Downloads
RUT900 Firmware Downloads
RUT901 Firmware Downloads
RUT906 Firmware Downloads
RUT950 Firmware Downloads
RUT951 Firmware Downloads
RUT955 Firmware Downloads
RUT956 Firmware Downloads
Networking rutx icon v1.png
Industrial Routers
RUTX08 Firmware Downloads
RUTX09 Firmware Downloads
RUTX10 Firmware Downloads
RUTX11 Firmware Downloads
RUTX12 Firmware Downloads
RUTXR1 Firmware Downloads
RUTX14 Firmware Downloads
RUTX50 Firmware Downloads
Networking rutx icon v1.png
Industrial Routers
RUTM50 Firmware Downloads
Networking trb icon v1.png
Industrial LTE Gateways
TRB140 Firmware Downloads
TRB141 Firmware Downloads
TRB142 Firmware Downloads
TRB143 Firmware Downloads
TRB145 Firmware Downloads
TRB245 Firmware Downloads
TRB246 Firmware Downloads
TRB255 Firmware Downloads
TRB256 Firmware Downloads
TRB500 Firmware Downloads

Networking otd icon v1.png
Outdoor Routers
OTD140 Firmware Downloads
Networking tcr icon v1.png
Consumer Routers
TCR100 Firmware Downloads
Networking tap100 icon v1.png
Wireless Access Points
TAP100 Firmware Downloads
TAP200 Firmware Downloads
Networking tsw icon v1.png
Industrial Switches
TSW202 Firmware Downloads
TSW212 Firmware Downloads

SDK downloads

Device(s) Version Date File size MD5 checksum Download link
OTD140 OTD140_R_00.07.07.1 2024.05.03 19.29 MB 3f4f745dc54c5e2bc2d84da53023dd2b Download
RUT140, RUT142 RUT14X_R_00.07.07.1 2024.05.03 19.48 MB a735bcf7bc3f16b6d79ba2209c765636 Download
RUT230, RUT240 (Legacy) RUT2XX_R_00.01.14.6 2022.08.03 476 MB 9191dbd22811dfaa728c231e0e0409b5 Download
RUT230 (RUTOS) RUT2_R_00.07.03.4 2023.02.09 96.8 MB f59e03dd9c8fa945c085a34b11499af2 Download
RUT240 (RUTOS) RUT2_R_00.07.06.11 2024.05.07 21.0 MB f7c9eacabaf0e1d1c4e3ab064db31216 Download
RUT200, RUT241, RUT260 RUT2M_R_00.07.07.1 2024.05.03 20.58 MB 78b9e3e3aade87f5cc5557cba7933360 Download
RUT300 RUT30X_R_00.07.07.1 2024.05.03 18.76 MB 2aecb2774614b1c4cf4cf613ab832a2b Download
RUT301 RUT301_R_00.07.07.1 2024.05.03 18.67 MB dac4be3952d11dccd928e3651ca6e79f Download
RUT360 RUT36X_R_00.07.07.1 2024.05.03 20.0 MB cac8dcc06d67f103dd52698fce08e3aa Download
RUT361 RUT361_R_00.07.07.1 2024.05.03 20.61 MB 680352ca241d6b018147f1c7a5b7ad09 Download
RUT500 RUT5XX_NW_00.01.984 - 27.6 MB da58312660af4c0922489aca26df6208 Download
RUT850 RUT850_R_00.01.04 2020.05.15 388 MB 0cfa53893c1448a005b984c0446cb70d Download
RUT900, RUT905, RUT950, RUT955 (Legacy) RUT9XX_R_00.06.09.5 2023.05.19 494.2 MB f483a609785520e161273337bd540581 Download
RUT950, RUT955 (RUTOS) RUT9_R_00.07.06.11 2024.05.07 21.69 MB 2ee975802db5d19ea63f9f5006cf74d7 Download
RUT901, RUT906, RUT951, RUT956 RUT9M_R_00.07.07.1 2024.05.03 21.24 MB 588574fda0cabfc9959cbff48d84ecf7 Download
RUTM50 RUTM_R_00.07.07.1 2024.05.03 40.06 MB 09b056c4031c55991fbab382722f6ba0 Download
RUTX08, RUTX09, RUTX10, RUTX11, RUTX12, RUTX14, RUTX50, RUTXR1 RUTX_R_00.07.07.1 2024.05.03 80.59 MB 8dc4bcab07165557859ecf524f4b90b0 Download
TCR100 TCR1_R_00.07.07.1 2024.05.03 19.88 MB 7891f548fcaddb4bf1e6f63f7aaf942f Download
TRB140, TRB141, TRB142, TRB143, TRB145 TRB1_R_00.07.07.1 2024.05.03 26.53 MB 4b36154d8dc7f4b97374b54c340f31a1 Download
TRB245, TRB255 TRB2_R_00.07.07.1 2024.05.03 19.89 MB 57232ee69eae863bba2768c85335cf3c Download
TRB246, TRB256 TRB2M_R_00.07.06.10 2024.04.04 20.84 MB 36d4b9f932163ad3b11f7eba93d0bb5d Download
TRB500 TRB500_R_00.07.07.1 2024.05.03 396.85 MB 478953f01621038a27b018cdf4a75f6d Download
TAP100 TAP100_R_00.07.07.1 2024.05.03 10.8 MB 2c2071bf293566091714696b47989e96 Download
TAP200 TAP200_R_00.07.07.1 2024.05.03 30.12 MB fbecbad6838314a29412ecd9418e02ca Download
TSW202, TSW212 TSW2_R_00.01.02.2 2024.05.16 21.13 MB 6e948e2dfeae136dba9b017af63c3e6c Download



For instructions on how to compile your own firmware using SDK package follow the link that corresponds to your device series: